Equity matters.  Our work makes equity possible.

We believe that every child regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, language, immigration status, and ability, can thrive and be excellent.

Did You Know…

Our Goals

Together, we can conduct research that informs practices and policies aimed at protecting, promoting, and preserving the health, economic security, and cultural excellence of Black and other minoritized children and their families. We do this by:


Conducting research that informs practices and policies focused on protecting Black and other minoritized children and their families by positively affecting income and education levels, supporting safe and stable communities with ready access to food and housing, and much, much more.


Conducting research that informs practices and policies that support access to high-quality early learning experiences for Black and other minoritized infants and toddlers.


Conducting research that recognizes, respects, and preserves the richness of languages spoken, cultural wealth, and traditions that can be capitalized upon or leveraged to ensure strong outcomes for Black and other minoritized children.

What We Do

Early Childhood Research
and Evaluation

We examine the holistic experiences of Black children and other children of color, prenatally through adolescence, and their families.

Equitable Early Childhood Policies

We develop actionable policies and practices to eradicate the impact of racism and poverty and all its consequences on the lives of Black children and other children of color and their families and communities. 

Mentoring and

We support the development of diverse emerging scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and leaders interested in strengthening Black and other minoritized children’s early years. 

News & Events

Advancing Racial Equity in Early Intervention and Preschool Special Education

The science is clear that the first years of children’s lives set the foundation for their healthy development. A young child’s race, gender, location, language, and ability should not determine their access to needed services, experiences, and outcomes.

FPG Program Update: Equity Research Action Coalition

With its focus on research, translation, public policy, and mentoring, the Coalition—under the leadership of Founding Director Iruka, a research professor in the department of public policy—is committed to addressing the science of early childhood with an anti-racist lens while elevating the brilliance and assets of Black children and other children of color.

Professor Iheoma Iruka Wins American Psychological Association’s 2022 Mid-Career Award for Outstanding Contributions to Benefit Children, Youth and Families

The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions in science, policy, and practice that benefit the psychological functioning or well-being of children, youth, and families. Professor Iruka is thrilled and honored to have been selected.

The truth about children’s resilience

Children’s resilience — their ability to thrive in the midst and aftermath of a crisis — depends on who they are, what their lives were like before, and how the adults around them (including parents, other family members, and caregivers) respond.

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